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Tabby Star Slimes or Tabby Stars for short are rare slimes that have a small chance to appear any where on the Far, Far Range. They're a part of a family, consisting of Tabbies, Hunters, Lucky Slimes, Saber Slimes and Tabby Stars themselves.

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Tabby Star Slimes are a rare phenomenon that slime scientists can not explain yet, but some theories suggest that a tabby star slime forms when a shooting star collides with a tabby slime. It suddenly becomes very bright and it gets...rings? No one is sure why the tabby star slime got its rings, but one theory says that the tabby star slime got stuck in them while playing. These little rascals act just like normal tabby slimes, but can also cover themselves entirely with their ring shield and roll around, unaware of their surroundings.

Rancher Risks

Ranching tabby star slimes can be very dangerous for the rancher if not careful, as tabby star slimes are known to burn anyone they touch, unless the tabby star slime itself is covered by its shield. When agitated, these slimes will produce energy outbursts similar to solar flares, and they will last for quite a bit before disappearing, spreading across the ranch and startling slimes. This might end up in slimes accidentally escaping, forming unintentional largos, or worse.

Additionally, if a tabby star slime is extremely agitated, it will explode into a big and beautiful, but dangerous nebula, which will blow away and scare all the slimes in its radius. After that, the tabby star will turn into normal tabby. The consequences of this explosion are very similar to those of its energy outbursts, so if you won't take good care of your slimes, heck will break loose.


Tabby star plorts are widely used as an alternative source of energy because of their high concentration of wiggles, which can power cities for years. But these plorts are also known to explode into beautiful mini-nebulae after their energy has been drained completely, similar to explosions of its source slime. They're quite dangerous to handle though, so these plorts are only used for 'greater deeds'.


Tabby star slime is a light-yellow slime with occasional darker spots on its body. It has cat ears and mouth in the same manner as regular tabbies, but it lacks a tail. It has a brown metalic construction around itself which protrudes from its back, and resembles a dyson sphere - a hypothetical megastructure used to encompass a star and capture all of its power output.


  • It's better to collect Tabby Star Slime's plorts with a plort collector, but if you don't have one yet, you can collect the plorts when the slime is encased in its ring shield.
  • However, be aware that the Tabby Star Slime won't be able to see you or its surroundings once encased in its shield, and might bump into you when rolling around or open up right in front of you, causing damage to your health.
  • You have to feed these slimes frequently so they won't have energy outbursts or explode into nebulae, because these things will hurt and agitate slimes nearby, meaning more boom slime explosions, more crystals from crystal slimes and just overall irritation.
  • Once exploded, these slimes will turn into normal Tabby Slimes, so if a Tabby Star largo explodes because of agitation, you will be left only with a regular Tabby, so make sure to take care of your Tabby Stars.
  • Feeding a Tabby Star slime tabby plorts won't turn it into a largo, but will make a nebula explosion and a Tabby.


  • The Tabby Star Slime is based off a star named KIC 8462852, also known as Tabby's Star or Boyajian's Star, which is known for its large irregular dimmings, and was named after an Armenian-American astronomer Tabetha Suzanne Boyajian, who was initially studying the star's abnormal dimming events.
  • Tabby Star Slime's rings were added to its design because of hypothesis about Tabby's Star's dimmings that suggests that the star might have an artificial megastructure around it built by an extraterrestrial race, however according to Steinn Sigurðsson this hypothesis is implausible and was disproven by Occam's razor.