Template:Infobox SlimeTemplate:BossThe Tabby King is found in a cave in the moss blanket after being blown up by a boom slime (can happen unintentionally). Entering will start a cutscene. You see a bunch of tabby slimes running out of a tunnel in the cave, none of them seem happy, then you see a large, cat-like shadow (about twice the size of a gordo), then you look up and see the Tabby King. The Tabby King, with an angry look, soon looks at you, and then starts threatening you. The exit then gets closed off. Some sort of music plays when the battle starts, I don't know what will play.

You don't need much to beat this boss. While fighting, you could see a grey health bar with the words "Tabby King" above it. The boss has 80 HP. Tabby slimes will pop out of the ground, but for some reason, they are not hostile. Feed them any meat related food to get their plorts to throw at the boss.


Bounce and pounce: The boss will jump and hope to land on you, trying to crush you, getting hit will cause a LOT of damage, though it is very easy to avoid.

Tail smack: The boss will try to hit you with his tail, getting hit will send you flying, hitting a wall, causing you to take, again, a lot of damage. Still kind of easy to dodge.

Rock and royal(see what I did there?): Hostile rock tabby largos will spawn and try to attack you, they disappear after about 30 seconds - 1 minute. They cannot be tamed.

Phospher power(only if you haven't defeated the Phospher Queen): The boss will spawn Tabby Phospher slimes that cannot be tamed and will try to attack you, they disappear after about 30 seconds - 1 minute.

Hug bright,Hug tight (aka, LITERAL BETRAYAL--): The Tabby King will try to cuddle you, causing you to for some reason start replenishing up to 30 HP, but then you will get back-stabbed and take 40 damage. This attack can be easy to dodge if you have quick reflexes, as the boss will quickly charge at you to cuddle you...and back-stab you.


When you defeat the King, he will hop away, knowing how strong you truly are. All the Tabby slimes from the beginning come back and notice you have defeated their king. They reward you with something, idk, I'm going to decide what the reward will be later.


  • Beating him will give you the achievement "Stronger than a king".
  • I'm running out of ideas.
  • The Tabby King is one of the bosses that lacks boss in their names.
  • The Tabby King was heavily inspired by the Phosphor Queen.