Tabbster998 is a stray tabby slime in the human world. You only listen to what Tabbster says via a Starmail Link to Tabbster's blog. The site is poorly made and isn't very popular. Tabbster998 has eluded earths stray slime catching crew many times.

Blog posts

Hello, its Tabste008 here, im here with a new awesome blog post. stabster is awesome!

Today i saw a brid . it was a pretty prid, and i ate it. It tated like sushi. I liked it. Some guy yelled at me for some reason,. No idea why. He must have been hungry. He shoukd wiggle moe. Tearth isnt wiggly enough.

Whatup, its Tabster998 here with a guide hon how to wiggle!

none of the humans know how to wiggle, so i can teach them how .

step 1:

you have to prepare to wiggle. So stop being in thesze stuck up forms and lose your limbs. Its as if you have white rods in them. Just become a blog like me.

*i meant blob

step 2:

now, you take your butt, and take your front, and all your parts and wiggle. Shave them back and foruth all directions. ALL directions. All tdiprasdnbik. ALL. DIRECTIONS.

step 3:

you has wiggledf.

Some boopadfe tried to scoop me up and mut pe in the home, Ia not like that. If you re listening ,mister boopadfe, then you are ugly~!


Today i noticed how swuish homans are. so squish. very suith. very eery squish, anmost as squish as me. but nobody is a s squish as tabster998.
Today i went on a subway. It was nice. Seats ery squish. Also flailing and yelling and wearing clothes. Squish though.

I didnt know subways were shAkey. I also didntt know they moved. I also didnt know i walked into wone., O also think subays are nice. Not submarine though. Su,marines are not subways. Just because they both start with sub does not mean they are the same thing. Neithe r does it make a sub, whcih is a sandwish type, a water vessel or a room with flailing squish seats.

Tabster here.

Today i was in a meeting with Pinky The Sliem. He was tlaking about Tarsr and how daeangeroos they can bee. We were at a random ranch talking about stuff and a feral sloim jumped in almost killing us (it was a feral pink-boom) didn't know why we were doing it at the moss blankte. Then a whole army of Pink-Rocks,a unfinished area. Then at rad slime hideout. we were safe there. pinky saod hooh whoot r dose? I said, Oka Okas. Rad's favorites. *groomble groomble* My stomach is empty i went. we moved again. OOOH STONY HENS!!!! *I charge at the hens and eat them*

Then i woke up.

I was sadthat that didnt actually happen, since im on earth

tis day was confuzin. i went too a hows that had a sine. te sine sed bewar of dog or somfin like tat. i didnt kno what dog is so i went to se. den a big blak ting runed at me. i fot it was a tar at ffirst but den i saw it had not a ziig zag evel mouth. it face loked like a hound sliem. i fot mabe this is dog. but hund is not dog. or mabe hound is lik dog but not dog. eart is so confuzin. anywa teh dog lickked me and it went like tis>:P

probable becuz sliems do not tast good. the dog ent bacek in to its hows ting. and i went back to mi hows wich i will not tell you because ten the homin sliem catcers mite find me.

Todey I pleyed a video gam. It was fin, but the homanjs ho made it forgot cats. i am sad now becuz thy forgut catz. and guss what. thety had dogs and no cats.


- Todaey I felet liak wotchinag som hoomanz. Thay are somarta Intoroasting. I fouend aen "Coafe" aend theare were hoomans ealting at tobles. Thay were eaioting waird foedz. Soeme Brewn Drank and Lieght-Yeallow Haelf-Ovales. Soeme Eaven wera eoting little whyte blobs wiyth yeylo orabs in de centora.


Everyone is allowed to add to the list of blog posts by Tabbster998. Just:

1: Do not correct your spelling mistakes. It makes it look like its an actual tabby typing it.

2: See the world through the eyes of a cat. It can help.

3: Add anything. Feel free

So i decided to put the entries we have as of 6/2/2016 into a text to speech program, here it is: