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Superspawn Land is an area normally inaccessible in a normal play though, and seems identical to Moss Blanket, except the plants are a flat yellowish color. It is unique due to having every slime and every food in the game be ultra common here, and is thought to be a test area. To reduce lag, slimes will only spawn if the rancher is exploring Superspawn Land.

Slimepedia Entry

The entry is simply "missingno" at the moment, so a fan made entry is here.


Slimes galore! This place is rich in every single resource someone could ever need or want, but also VERY rich in Tarr due to the sheer numbers of slimes! Every kind of food, every kind of slime, and every kind of environment can be found here.


While it should be impossible to get to, clever use of flying slimes, jet pack, and a good sense of where you're going may land you on the edge of this strange land. Unfortunately, there's no way back.


Slime sea. Lots and lots of slime sea.


  • If I list everything, this list would be insane.


  • Most likely a left over from debugging.
  • There is no achievements related to this place at this time
  • This place may be used for something else later
  • Every gordo in the game can also be found here, side by side. When fed, they do not drop anything but slimes.
  • Every boss in the game can be found here in their inactive forms. There is no way to fight them here, however.
  • Not-yet added slimes can be found here, some look like other slimes, some don't do anything, and a few are fully coded and just not placed anywhere.
  • If the player finds a way to get back to the ranch, this place can be a good source of otherwise super rare slimes.
  • Slimes here spawn at triple the rate of anywhere else.

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