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It's over 9000!
The Super Sayian Slime is a very powerful slime who has risen above all of the other slimes. You're not dealing with the average slime anymore. This is a SUPER SLIME!


The super sayian slime will attack any Tarrs it encounters and will turn them back into their old selves. It won't attack you and is known to follow you around.


Meat and its own plorts.


Stony Hen


The Super Sayian Slime is created when a normal slime is being chased by a Tarr and is about to be eaten so it will awaken it's hidden power and send all nearby Tarrs flying away and turns them into their old selves.

Slimepedia Entry

It is unknown how the Super Sayian Slime was discovered, or why it has hair, but it is thought to be the strongest slime.

Rancher Risks

The Super Sayian Slime has a slight chance of flying out of the corral, so you should put a music box and an air net in the corral.


The Super Sayian Plort is both a very expensive item in the plort market, but also is needed to keep a Super Sayian Slime powerful.