'A scientist's best friend.'

Strange Diamond Slime is an extremely rare slime that can appear anywhere on the Far, Far Range, but can also be made by fusing Crystal Slime Essence with a Strange Diamond.

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Odd Onion

Slime Toy

Crystal Ball;

Strange Diamond Slimes are essentially modified Crystal Slimes, so their diet and favorite slime toy haven't changed.


This brilliant, opulent, radiant and glimmering slime is very hard to find on the Range, since its high speed combined with hyperactivity make it almost undetectable by normal ranchers, unless caught off guard. And despite its charming appearance, it has a very brash and rebellious personality, and often attempts to get out of corrals, attack slimes and ranchers and worst of all, get its pretty accessories off! Strangely enough, these slimes turn docile once they become largos. Slime scientists can not explain this slime's weird personality and behavior, but they can make a strange diamond slime using slime essence, in case you will never see one in the wild. How useful!

Rancher Risks

Strange diamond slimes are not only known for their usefulness and beauty, but also for their strange personality. They tend to attack slimes and ranchers, get out of their corrals, refuse to eat food and even fight against Tarr, which is hilarious to watch. But it only looks funny, in reality this defiance can be a dangerous thing that could cause complete chaos on your ranch. Strange diamond slimes still have properties of strange diamonds and teleporters, and can create portals with which they can escape and come into other slimes' corrals, and make Those Awful Ravenous Rainbows. It only needs to see a location in order to teleport there, which is truely a unique and scary ability, because it can create portals to any area it has ever seen. And just like crystal slimes, it can roll around and create diamond stalagmites, which only adds more danger.


Strange diamond plorts are very valuable because of how they're essentially raw strange diamonds. They are cut and then used for gadgets, such as Teleporters or Warp Depots. They are also used in special jewelry which can give the wearer an ability to teleport!


Strange Diamond Slime is a blue slime with a noticeable glow inside of it, and it has a crown made out of strange diamonds that are literally embedded into its body.


  • It is better to turn Strange Diamond Slimes into largos, since individual Strange Diamond Slimes are naturally unruly and hyperactive, and dealing with them can be quite a pain unless they're largos. Strange diamond largos are, strangely enough, docile and won't harm the rancher on purpose or try to get out of their corrals, unless, well, they're starving.
  • The "Solar Shield" upgrade is very helpful when keeping Strange Diamond Slimes since it significantly limits their view and thus, limits their ability to teleport.


  • The line "brilliant, opulent, radiant and glimmering slime" is actually a reference to Steven Universe and one of its characters, Yellow Diamond's Zircon and one of her lines.

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