Out with the new, in with the Slime!

The Steampunk Slime, aka Steam Slime, is a Steampunk-esque Slime that stands out in a crowd with all of its strange attachments. They reside mainly in the Wartorn Grasslands.


Steam Slimes are brown and gold in color, but mostly brown. They are symbolized by their trademark gears that are all over their bodies and the fact that they occasionally release steam. They have big round tubular eyes which somewhat resemble goggles, and the gears cover up their soft exterior. They still move around like regular Slimes, though.


Steam Plorts are around 250 coins in value, and resemble a bright brass color with brown undertones. It is easy to mistake one for a honey plort, however.


Steam Slimes eat a lot of meat, but will sometimes go for fruit as well. They especially love the delicious crunch of a Camicara, and will sometimes attack them in the wild.

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