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Hieroglyph Slime
"It's so hot that even itself can't resist it!"

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Water, Fruit

Steam Slime




The steam slime was created after the Dry Reef became, well, dry. If being more specific - it came from the actual steam. But, no one really knows how steam slimes were created - not even the slime scientists!

Steam slimes are very sensitive to air and wind, which means that it's almost impossible to get one inside of a normal vac without harming it. Though, its gaseous body also helps a lot. When running from predators, it can easily fly away and stay in the air until the other slime loses interest and leaves it.

Rancher Risks:

A steam slime can not be held in a corral without Air Net upgrade. Due to its properties it can easy fly over a corral and escape, possibly leaving you without the berries. Also, they often tend to steal other slimes' plorts and eating them, then becoming largos, and then...


Steam slimes were said to leave smoke, which a lot of people thought were their plorts, but after a while it was debunked. Poor steam slimes.


  • Steam Slimes steal other slimes' plorts and eat them. It means that they must be only kept with its own kind and/or one different type of a slime in order to not have Tarrs ruining everything on your ranch.
  • Steam Slimes will always transmit its ability of levitating, and the only exception being the Tarr.
  • If a steam slime is not fed for a period of 3 days, it'll evaporate, so don't forget to feed them water or fruit!


  • This slime is an easter egg, referencing Steam's logo. It's also connected to "Slime Rancher" being available on Steam.

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