"Why won't you keep it in your Grotto?"

-Slimepedia The Starlight slime is a slime that appears in the night.
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Hieroglyph Slime
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This slime is just like a phosphor one, if you want one in your corral, be sure that your corral has the upgrade "Solar shield" and "Air net", why the Air net? Because they jump very high, so think carefully before you catch one.

Rancher Risks

You have to KEEP them in a GROTTO or a corral with "Solar Shield" and "Air net". They aren't aggresive, so there's no risk.


Their plorts are shiny and colorful, they're used as Jewelry in Earth. It is not easy to pick up the plorts with bare hands, since it's stardust.


A blue, turquoise and pink slime with 'dust' on its back.


  • Thanks to Raxel920 for the idea of 'Starry Hen'.
  • You need to put it in a Grotto because yes.