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Star slimes were discovered recently in the Range. They are very sparkly, and seem to resemble both stars from space and the starfish. They use their shine to bait their prey, and then eat it. Star slimes' bodies are very hot, and that's why keep

Star slimes do not prefer eating too much food, otherwise they'll burst - just like gordo slimes. They vary in shapes and colors, making them sometimes very hard to spot. Star slimes usually tend to grab their prey and slowly start eating it.

When they are created recently, their bodies look like a bunch of stardust, but after some time they'll change their form to a normal one. While being newly made, they can not eat nor produce plorts, but they have a chance to create other slimes, such as rock and crystal slimes. Star slimes that were formed in the water will slowly dissipate while being on land, and vice versa with those star slimes that were formed on land.


Their plorts are very bright and shiny and they vary in colors, depending on which sort of food a star slime ate, and that's why their plorts can be used in order to replace flashlights or to make jewelry and decor.


  • In order to find a star slime, you'll have to either find it in the Glass Desert, or buy the Aqua Bubble upgrade.