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" I'll just turn around for a mome-OH GOD NO!!!"


Stalker slimes are rare nocturnal slimes that are found in any area.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Slime souls

Favorite: Rancher souls


The stalker slime is a merciless nightmare that has a 0.03% chance of appearing instead of a pink slime. They only appear at night when you are far from your ranch. They stay completely still when you watch them but move towards you when you look away. Then when they get close enough to you, your vision blurs until your game crashes. Slime experts agree these slimes break all laws of physics. The only way to destroy these is to somehow get back to your ranch and sleep.

Rancher risks

Everything about this slime spells trouble for ranchers. They can easily kill a rancher. They also absorb nearby slimes when you don't look at them. They even spawn photorealistic jumpscare slimes when you watch them for too long. Unfortunately, these jumpscare slimes do 50 damage instead of 10.


These slimes produce 1 plort with every 50 slimes absorbed. These plorts are used for illegal weapons sold on blackmarket.


The stalker slime is white and has soulless black eyes that permanently cry streams of red tears. It mouth is a a red "melting" smile.


  • If you see one you should run towards your ranch while looking back and forth at the slime so it doesn't spawn moar jumpscare slimes.


  • This slime is a reference to slender man and other horror game characters.
  • The plort value is a reference to the shining.


Cute stalker