Stage 2 slimes are members of a relatively small set of slimes that are created from specific largos being present for a given amount of time; the synergies work in such a way that the slime condenses into a smaller, more stable form. Such as the Cryo Slime's coolant allows for a Rad Slime to function at much greater intensity without overheating; the slime's makeup will adjust itself to better utilise the synergy and thus allow for the Core Slime to form.

Condensing in such a way alters the makeup of a slime to the point where it's able to be classified as a different slime outright and so they almost always have their own plorts and earn their own Slimepedia sections.

With few exceptions, any largo that can condense into a more stable form (typically indicated by bubbling on the surface of the largo) will attempt to do so and so these largos can only be kept for a limited amount of time.

Due to these slimes being no longer largos, a stage 2 slime can become a largo; even become a largo with another stage 2 slime. However whilst the potential rewards are large (due to the slimes typically having powerful abilities the plorts are often of high value and use whilst the power of the slimes themselves make fewer ranchers willing to take such a risk; driving prices of the plorts higher) this is discouraged as the synergies that let these slimes become stable enough to become a slime rather than a largo can often lead to powerful abilities. Largos between two stage 2 slimes are capable of highly destructive feats.

Usage in Pages

Whilst it is open for usage, It'd be nice if the following is taken into consideration:

  1. This is perhaps the most obvious, but one should ask as to why the abilities and biology of the component slimes work the way they do when combined into a largo and eventually the condensed stage 2 slime. Having the slimes merge just for its own sake can seem a bit odd and out of place if done poorly.
  2. How will the behaviors merge. Slimes can often have a wide range of behavioral traits, when in a largo these traits can often simply co-exist or one overrides the other. However with a stage 2 slime things are to condense down into a more stable state and so the behaviors tend to condense with it. This also includes things like favourite foods.
  3. Take note that usually when condensing, the new abilities are typically swapped out for either one of the abilities working to improve the other or a new ability is formed from the two. The use this ability provides for the merged behavior traits are worth keeping in mind.
  4. Alongside the natures, traits and abilities combining into one; plorts do this too. Taking on new traits, uses and costs.

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