"Wait a minute is this even a slime--?!"
The Square Slime is a rare occurrence where any slime that spawns will be grey, square, and a new...slime? Is this even a slime?! I DUNNO!

Slimepedia Entry






A rare occurrence in the wild will make any slime that spawns somehow become square, grey, and a whole different slime. Here, we are using the word "Slime" very lightly, because this is really a cube more than a slime, and yet, its behavior is 100% slime-like.

Rancher Risks

Appearing randomly and rarely, yet it still has its own plorts, which makes the danger of it identical to the Pink Slime. One more slime means more plorts which can lead to...


The Plorts of a Square Slime are used to make many square things. Square boxes, crates, Legos...a big ingredient in many square objects!


A grey cube with a face, basically.


  • Not meant to be a joke
  • He isn't very interesting...
    • ...he's a total SQUARE!


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