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Hieroglyph Slime
"Does whatever a spider can!"
Spider Slimes are four-eyed cuties that can cause a sticky situation.





Silky Hen


Spider Slimes are very patent, calm slimes that have a strange slime property that lets them stick to walls and ceilings easily, leading many to sit under the branch of a tree and wait for a Hen Hen to walk over. Unfortunately, these slimes can't see well despite having four eyes so some ranchers may find themselves with a really confused hat while strolling though an area these slimes call home. The typical reaction seems to be "GETITOFFGETITOFF!!!"

Rancher Risks

Thanks to the stickiness of this slime, it tends to climb out of corrals or get stuck to things it shouldn't be stuck to, like ranchers. Their terrible vision also means that one that's waiting for food will fall down on, and stick to, anything that happens to walk under its perch, which may lead to confusion.


After the unstickying process, Spider Plorts are used in fabric far stronger than any earth silk, even an earth spider's!


A snowy grey slime with two large central eyes and two slightly smaller outer eyes, as well as small visible fangs. The plorts are the same snowy grey with 4 small 'half-stripes' around the sides.


  • Keeping these slimes in the grotto is recommended, as they have a tendency to break the air nets of corrals simply by sitting on them too long.
  • These slimes cannot climb up from a ceiling to a wall, but can climb from a wall to a ceiling.
  • Plort collectors are recommended if these slimes are kept in a corral, due to entering the corral resulting in a dog pile of sticky slimes.
  • Do not mix it with a hunter slime. Having a feral slime stuck to your face is a very painful experience.


  • The appearance is based on a jumping spider.
  • Inspired by a friend.
  • Items stuck to the slime (Or the slime stuck to stuff) react like newly picked fruit when vacced (Shakes a moment, then pops off)