Template:Infobox SlimeSpider Boss is a boss version of Weaver Slimes and of Spider Slimes. Unlike most other minor bosses, Spider Boss's battle has a 'good' ending and a 'bad' ending. Spider Boss is found in a secret cave accessed by a drop straight down from [Add an area here IDK where to put it]. This cave will later become one entrance to a large cave where Spider Slimes, Weaver Slimes, and Rock Slimes live (although it isn't its own area). It's recommended to bring lots of meat (good end) or Spider/Weaver plorts (bad end), and water (webs) to the battle, as the boss will block the only exit until the battle is finished, preventing escape.

When the player falls into the pit, a cutscene plays, the player character ends up falling on their back, and when they go to get up, they find themselves stuck to the silk on the floor. The player character pulls away harder, manages to get up, and a hiss is heard above them, from a very very hungry slime...

Spider boss starts at half health, if fed the health increases, if hit with a plort the health decreases and the plort visibly gets stuck to it. The max HP of the Spider Slime is 100.


Spider Boss looks much like a Gordo-sized Largo of the Spider Slime and the Weaver Slime, except it has 8 stubby limbs. The slime looks very feral, complete with the feral 'warning aura', although this fades near the end of the battle.


Arena (passive)

Due to how the arena is structured, this boss has an advantage over the player. The cave is lined with sticky silk that prevents dashing, and starts with a moderate amount of webs that are similar to Weaver Slime's webs. Unfortunately for the boss, many of the webs have plorts stuck to them that the player can vac up and shoot at the boss. There are also cracks that Hen Hens will randomly drop though, that will also get stuck in the webs.


Spider Boss hisses and spits out a few new webs, restricting movement.


Attack seems similar to 'web', but aimed at the player. If one of the web strands hit the player, the boss pulls them into attacking range if the player doesn't think fast enough to break the web.


Spider Boss rocks back and forth, swaying the webs in the cave to get the player stuck.


If the player is stuck in a web for long enough OR if the player is directly hit by the Wrap attack, Spider Boss yanks the player (and web) to itself and grabs onto the player, biting them until they get unstuck.


Spider Boss has a different 'defeat' cutscene based on how you defeated it.

Good End

Gotten by getting Spider Boss to 100 HP, the boss stops attacking and looks very happy. It makes a little squeaking sound and then has a realization and looks sheepish. As it comes down to apologize, it steps onto an unstable wall of the cave and breaks it by accident, resulting in it falling into the newly found secret cave. It peeks back though the hole, waves, and crawls away. Spider Boss will be randomly found in the cave, although unranchable it will drop 5 Spider plorts and 5 Weaver Plorts when fed.

Bad End

Gotten by getting the Spider Boss to 0 HP, the boss stops attacking and looks shocked, before falling off its perch and onto the ground, which shakes violently from the large slime's harsh fall. The unstable wall falls down from the force of the fall. Spider Boss then melts into a puddle and disappears, making you unable to find a friendly one later, but you can pick up the plorts that were stuck to the boss now.


  • Candlefly's first "Boss" Boss
  • There is no hint in the bad ending that it's possible to win without hurting the slime.
  • Only minor boss that has a definite 'good' and 'bad' end to the fight.
  • The Spider Boss is implied just to be an overgrown feral.