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On the Ranch

Deposit a Spicy Grape into your garden's depositor, and you'll have your very own vine to harvest this fruit from. This grape vine will last for several harvests.

The spicy grape is a fruit found near The Moss Blanket(at least until i decide.) It grows in small vines that usually are hidden in corners or around the walls. The first rancher to try it reports that 'It burnt his mouth, But it tasted good.' Nobody else has tried one yet. Except for a slime that the creator of this page needs to make but is too lazy.

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Favored by:

N/A (If you need to know, It's the Wasp Slime I'll make soon.)

On the ranch:

The Spicy Grapes seem to attract strange slimes with stingers, Who enjoy snacking on the firey juice and flavor of them. The last rancher who tried to approach one now has a large sting on their arm. Other slimes other than Tarrs usually flee from this slime. On the ranch, The Spicy Grape is usually used to calm and/or tame troublesome Wasp Slimes, But used on others results in a very unhappy and angry slime. 4 out of 5 ranchers suggest NOT using Spicy Grape Jelly for sandwiches unless you enjoy your mouth being set aflame.


  • The creator of the page apologizes for the bad art. And if this idea is unoriginal.
  • The only thing the creator will say about the next slime is: 'I hate these demons with wings.'
  • The area of this fruit is undecided at the moment.


ScribbleMasterer's drawing of the Spicy Grapes!

ScribbleMasterer's art of the grapes!