Real hot stuff.

Spiced Slimes have fiery personalities and a spicy aura. They eat apiary products their favourite being Pepper Jam.

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Apiary Products (Other Diet)


Pepper Jam

Slime Toy

Cinnamon Stick
Spiced Slimes like Cinnamon Sticks because they taste nice and are fun to throw around.


Spiced Slimes are always active. They eat apiary products and honey Plorts and favour Pepper Jam and will produce 3 plorts when fed it. Since they can eat Honey Plorts they can't form Largos with them. Their spice aura makes them rather difficult to keep with any other slimes.

Rancher Risks

Spiced Slimes cause nearby slimes to have increased agitation like a Tangle Slime's powder due to the spice they spread around. In addition to that if a Rancher's face comes into contact with a Spiced Slime they would take some damage and their vision would be blurred. A splash of water will remove the spice aura for a while or clear your vision.


Spiced Plorts can be used to imitate a variety of different spices depending on how much is used and how they are prepared and are valued by cooks for use in dishes requiring a little extra kick. In particular a popular brand of Sweet Chilli Sauce is made from them.


Red with some pointy bits.


  • If you shoot a Spiced Slime at any non-Spiced slime that slime will instantly get agitated and use whatever ability it has.