"Too slow, bro!"

Slimepedia Entry

Gotta go fast! these slimes are small daredevils! with their turbo fueled jetpacks, and their little daredevil helmets, no challenge is too big for them!

Slime Behavior and Rancher Risks:

The Speedster Slime is located in a sub area of The Wire Den, which can be found by looking for a tunnel with broken jetpacks and skateboards littered throughout it. These slimes are absolutely crazy! Strapping jetpacks to their "backs", they can appear above ground in areas of The Dry Reef and The Indigo Quarry flying around with their jetpack and knocking slimes off cliffs. They also like to blast at ranchers with full speed and headbutt them with their daredevil helmets, causing a lot of damage to ranchers.


Speedster slimes have a blue body and bright yellow eyes. They are always seen wearing their helmets, which are painted white and decorated with flames. They also have their white and red jet jetpack, allowing them to run at incredible speeds and even fly and launch themselves.


Speedster plorts are used to make fuel for spaceships and other vehicles. However, Speedster Slimes are not actually coveted for their plorts. Instead, buyers are more interested in their jetpacks, which are fueled with a rare formula made by the slimes in their cave. It is extremely powerful, and hasn't been found anywhere else. The jetpacks are often used by space pirates to make the rockets into ammunition for weapons, but they aren't sold at the Plort Market.


  • Speedster Slimes were originally going to be in the base game, but were removed for being too out of place with other slimes.
  • Instead, the Speedster Slime will appear in The Black Market DLC

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