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Hieroglyph Slime
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"Its SP00KAY!!!"
The Sp00kay Slime is a very sp00kay slime for the sp00kay slimes contest.



Everything that isn't a fellow slime, including the rancher.


Sp00ky Pumpkin


Be careful when ranching the Sp00kay Slime--even when corralled and cant jumpscare you, the constant flashing of their lights is enough to turn a rancher insane...not to mention the mocking sign each one holds as a part of their body, saying "Boo!"

Rancher Risks

They will try to eat ranchers, at the same time giving them a jumpscare.


Sp00kay Slime Plorts are used in making the scariest horror games. They are also used as a torment to get criminals to talk--eating one will drive them insane through fear.


A black slime with a smiling mouth, two eyes (Flashes every few seconds between red and blue), and a little sign that says "Boo!'


Like the Photorealistic Jumpscare Slime, they will Jumpscare the rancher. However, this will deal loads of damage to the rancher in its attempt to eat it.


  • If you see one, even if you dont want it, if you have a free spot, vac it up. You can throw it into the slime sea later, because vaccing it up stops it from jumpscaring you.
  • Refrain from turning them into a largo that can fly, because they are at least semi-intelligent and will often bash at the ceiling, if any.


  • Squidy822's First Page in...ages.
  • For the Spooky Slimes Contest


Sp00ky Pumpkin

Sp00ky Pumpkin, its favorite food.

Sp00kay Plort

A "Sp00kay Plort," the plort they...plort.

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