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"An impulse of sonic waves... and rage."
The Sonar Slime is an odd slime of purple coloration. It is commonly associated with "sonar waves", "satellite", and "echolocation". Merely with the sonar transmitter on it's head, or it's satellite, it can track things it finds wildly in space.

It could be considered the Aether Slime's more dangerous space counterpart, as the Sonar Slime takes more hits to destroy, has both melee and ranged attacks, and their signature of attacking players who enter their territory when they were not accustomed to so.



Sonar Slimes prefer sweet delectable fruits, over gross veggies and the flesh of random birds floating around.

They mostly prefer the Starfruit over any other fruit

Slime Info

The Sonar Slime is a mischievous yet loyal slime. It defends it's territory with pride, stubbornly driving out intruders and anything not naturally found in space. They could be considered the most stubborn slimes to exist. Little does everyone know, they're extremely lonely, wanting to make friends but not come off as desperate, as they slowly die with their anxiety and sadness. They never knew how to make friends in the first place, so they soon got lost in their own determination to find friends, until they gave up entirely, a mere glimmer of hope found in their accepted loneliness...

Nah, they're just really stubborn.

Rancher Risks

The Sonar Slime has a number of stones surrounding it's body that acts like their "hit points". They can either melee by floating the stones around quickly, or use ranged attacks by using a boomerang-style sonar wave to pulse at the Rancher. Once you hit the Sonar Slime with anything that would shatter an Aether Slime, one stone will drop. You can actually pick up the stone and use it in a Factory!

Once all stones are knocked off the slime, it will faint, dropping one Sonar Plort.


The plorts have been used as an infinite source of sonar waves. In a large, combined cluster and a few sparks of electricity, they can create these waves to helps scientists study that property. They have also been taped to hats for either to protect against aliens or to be used in a beta project, to create an echolocation helm that could assist the blind.


They are a soft, mellow shade of purple similar to their earthen counterpart, the Aether Slime. They have a satellite-like antenna, colored blue for the rod, red for the outer rings, and a silver ball tip. They have hollow circle eyes, to what most call "donut eyes". Finally, they have their signature surrounding stones, emitting a light blue aura.



  • For some reason, they do not attack Spooktatos.
    • It could be theorized that the potatos may just be softened space rocks with explosive properties.
    • Maybe they somehow know the danger of attacking a Spooktato, for some odd reason, but that just opens up more questions!
    • Perhaps they could be secretly related?
    • They could even be part of the secret organization of the Sneople! (snake people)
    • Or maybe they just mistake them for meteors...
  • Putting a Sonar Pulse near anything highly electric (ie. power outlets, Electric Slimes/plorts) will cause it to make a miniature sonar pulse that does no damage.
  • Some say that the Sonar Slime used to live on Earth defending the skies with it's cousin, the Aether Slime. After soon growing a ray to fire sonar waves, they left Aether Slime so they could be one with the stars...
    • They feel so much like two ghostly friends I know from another game.
  • This slime can provide free wifi. Best slime.
    • Network Name: SonarSignal
    • Transmissions will go through the slime fine but viruses in the network will be destroyed inside, making it a safe, virus-free network.
    • Network gets faster the more you feed the slime
      • If you feed this slime until it's full entirely with it's favorite food, it can produce up to 20 MB/s
  • This is for the Superior Slime contest.