'Make sure to bring sunscreen! And a woolly jacket!'
The Solar Snowfields are a vast expanse of glittering snow and ice with many unique and wonderful slimes!

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The Solar Snowfields are a vast expanse of glittering snow and ice. The area is so close to the sun that if nights that high up weren't freezing, all the snow would melt. The slimes up here are so adjusted to the cold weather that many of them cannot be found elsewhere!


1 Slime Key




  • Phosphor Slime (Night)
  • Frigid Slime
  • Hot Ice Slime (Day)
  • Glass Slime (Night)
  • Sherbet Slime
  • Nitrogen Slime (Night)
  • Greenhouse Slime (Mirror Caverns)
  • Slushie Slime (Common, Day / Semi-rare, Night)


  • Snowcone Hen (Day)
  • Snowcone Chick (Day)
  • Roostro
  • Shave Ice Egg (Day)
  • Icebox Onion
  • Glass Durian (Mirror Caverns)
  • Ice Hen (Night)
  • Ice Chick (Night)
  • Frosted Egg (Night)
  • Chilly Pepper
  • Capsule Radish

Slime Science Resources

  • Slime Fossil
  • Strange Diamond
  • Spiral Steam
  • Primordy Oil
  • Royal Jelly
  • Buzz Wax
  • Hexacomb
  • Rainbow Slush


Greenhouse Gordo


Hobson Twilligers' Notes


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