"Snow we're freezing!"

The Snow Slime is an slime which has to stay frosty.


Diet: Veggies

Favorite: Frosty Tomato


Snow Slimes are known to go frosty most of the time. He usually is found chilling in the "coolest" place ever. If you ever see one of these, don't vac it up, unless it's not feral!

Rancher Risks

The risks are the risks: You need to beware of their ice beam attack! The beam can heavily slow down the rancher. Another thing is the frost fumes when it's feral. The frost fumes can freeze you easily!


Of course, these plorts are used to build Plort Mans on winter... But did you know it's also used for snowball fights? It's painful, thought!


An icicle


  • The Ice Beam can heavily freeze Grass Slimes to.
  • Their's an 10% chance that the beam will freeze you.

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