"Likes to follow your mouse"

The Snake Slime is a Reptilian Slime found in (Look right) and its favorite food is the Mousy and their Gordos are specified in a section below.

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Slime Toy

UV lamp 750 NB

Reduces the Agitation of nearby slimes, especially Snake Slimes who just love to get their daily Tan.


The term "Snake Slime" refers to a generally diverse group of Slimes that dwell in habitats ranging from Scorching hot deserts to humid jungles and Mountains.

A common misconception drawn about by new ranchers is that these Slimes are all venomous and must be kept far away from all ranchers, however only one variation, the aquatic variant of the Snake Slime produces venom, and the venom is only used to inflict minor damage for a short amount of time, the other Snake Slimes have no venom and are therefore virtually harmless.

Rancher Risks

These Slimes unless forced to attack, are virtually harmless, but when they do attack, they wrap around the aggressor unless it's a Tarr, and this incapacitates the attacker and stops it from moving, leaving the attacker open to whatever other threats are around.


The Grassland version of the Snake Slime resembles a Grass Snake that is turned into a Slime

The Desert variant of the Snake SLime has the tail and coloring, as well as the toungue and eyes of a Sand Boa

The Aquatic Variant resembles a sea snake

The Alpine or Forest variant resembles a Paradise Tree Snake

Habits through the seasons


All types of Snake Slime are happy and move normally


The Desert and Aquatic Snake Slimes move faster and eat more often


All Snake Slimes except the Aquatic and Mountain/Jungle Snake Slimes hibernate


Only Alpine Snake Slimes will be active and only close to sea level


Desert Variation - On Top of a cliff in the Glass Desert

Grassland - in the Fossil Fields next to a Slime Hole

Aquatic - in the seaweed in the water of the Isolated Islands

Alpine/Forest Variation - in the Cool Cave at the Mystery Mountain


  • The Alpine Variations can glide and climb fast, making them hard to catch
  • The Grassland Variations can hide easily in grass
  • The Desert Variations can hide in sand, which can be vacced or pulsed waved away
  • The Aquatic variations can swim quickly and are venomous, requiring handling with care


  • They will fight with other predator slimes such as Hunters but will flee from Tarr
  • When partying their fave dance move is the Worm


SS grassland
SS Desert
SS Mountain & Forest
SS plort
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