Template:Infobox Slime"They seek the meaning of a slime's true destiny."

Slime and Squad are 2 tabby slimes that are seeking to find the true meaning of a slimes life, other than being farmed for their plorts and eating.

To tell Slime and Squad apart, Slime is often found eating stony hens, while Squad is found quietly eating a carrot, but both can eat meat (Slime) or veggies (Squad) if they are extremely hungry.

Slime and Squad were created when subnauticatracer found a picture of 2 tabby slimes trying to get a hen hen which sparked an idea in his mind.

Slimepedia Entry (Slime)

Diet: Slime favors meat, Squad eats Veggies.

Favourite:Slime loves the satisfying crush when eating stony hens, so he favors them.


Slime was a lazybones tabby slime back when he was in the ranch, he barely ate anything because all he was given was cat food (and it tastes like your least favourite food, slime's was Tarr goo, which both slime and squad are immune to), one night he managed to jump the high walls of his corral and escaped into the glass desert, there he found Squad, he took him into an old abandoned ranch with plenty of food, the 2 became best friends, roaming the landscape, however, they like to be in the indigo quarry as they have a fascination of slime gems.


The plorts of slime are very rare, as he does not eat very often, but the plorts have been used to boost the meaty taste of fish, so it's not useless. If sold the new bucks in return are a lot, 30, as so you can't get slime or squad in a corral, and they will only produce them if you feed them a phosphor plort.