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For your vegetarian cannibals!
Slime Substitute is a food item made from 5 of the same plort, and it counts as a slime for diet purposes.

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Depends on flavor

On the ranch:

Blend 5 plorts to create this colorful jello! This food was made by a smart rancher that learned liquefying a plort removes the changing properties it has, once more they discovered that the liquid plorts feel just as bouncy as the slime it comes from, although it is not a living slime. After a few studies, this creation has been approved as being identical to a sample of slime from the slime the plorts come from. This may seem small, but it's well known that some slimes eat other slimes, and most ranchers tend to avoid those slimes (even if the plorts are useful). The Slime Substitute as it's called is able to be used to feed slime eating slimes without killing any slimes! The same cannot be done for Hen Hens at the moment, however. Sorry bird lovers!


Slime Substitute looks like a cube of jello in the color of the plorts used to make it.


  • Slime Substitute will distract Tarrs.
  • Slimes with a diet of 'anything' will eat Slime Substitute even if they don't eat slime, however a slime with simply a diet of 'meat' will not.
  • Phosphor Substitute will disappear in sunlight.
  • Puddle Slime plorts will become water instead.
  • All slimes will try to eat Honey Substitute thanks to the attractive plorts used in it.
    • Likewise for Strawberry Substitute.

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