'Your personal biome, only with a stingy price tag'

The Slime Habitat is a Ranch Expansion you can edit using the little button you use to buy it and costs 100,000 NB.

It was created by the Slime Scientist division E.S.E. and costs a LOT of money

Slimepedia Entry


The Slime Habitat is an area that functions like a sandbox, but with limitations, for one, you can't make slime spawners or food sources you didn't discover yet appear in it, two, you need to buy biome packs to unlock other biomes besides Dry Reef, and three, no Slime Sea biome included.


5000NB - Forest Biome Pack

A BIome Pack that contains dirt, Flora, and Meat in forest-type locations, like The Moss Blanket

5000NB - Mountain Biome Pack

A Biome Pack that contains rock, minerals, plants and meat in mountainous locations, like The Indigo Quarry

5000NB - Freshwater Biome Pack

A Biome Pack that contains Water, substrate, and Meat in freshwater locations, such as The Lakelands

(And Plants)

5000NB - Desert Biome Pack

A Biome Pack that contains Sand, Plants, and Meat in Desert Locations like the Glass desert

7500NB - Snowy Biome Pack

A Biome Pack with snow, snowy trees, and snowy other things!

1000NB - Storm Biome Pack

I'm not sure why you wanna buy this, your just gonna get killed a lot.Template:WIP Page