This is a Slime Science Advanced DLC item.

Slime Genetics

Slime Genetics is a major component in the Slime Science Advanced DLC. It includes breeding for certain traits or mutations and using different machines to manipulate DNA.


Some slimes have certain traits that can be added to or removed from blood. Here is a list of them:

  • Rocky // Rock Slime
  • Lightsensitive // Phosphor Slime
  • Inner Glow // Phosphor Slime
  • EXPLOSIVE! // Boomslime
  • Radioactive... // Rad Slime
  • Liquid-form // Puddle Slime
  • Spiky! // Crystal Slime
  • INVISIBRUU // Hunter Slime

Hint: You can't just take a Boomslime plort, remove the EXPLOSIVE! trait, feed it to another Boomslime, and expect the it to not explode. The reason you remove traits like this is so they do not get passed from slime to slime. They still remain in the target slime and can only be removed via Mutations.

Slime Breeding:

Slime Breeding is a method of gaining Genetic Mutations, with a 15% chance. Unlike with Slime Genetics alone, you can do things such as make Boomslimes not explode. Here is a list of Genetic Mutations:

Positive Mutations:

Toxic Blood - Kills Tarrs that eat them. (Does not affect Gold Tarrs)

Trilargo - When two slimes of the same species breed, there is a chance the offspring will be twice as big and produce three plorts when fed, and six plorts when fed their favorite food.

Tiny! - Makes the offspring 2x as small as the parents. Allows for more slimes per Corral.

Neutral Mutations: 

Miscolor - Gives the slime a completely different color.

Negative Mutations:

Big... - Makes the offspring 2x as large as the parents.

Plortless - Eats, but does not give plorts.

Bouncy - Jumps 2x as high as normal.

Exclusive Mutations:

Phosphor Slime:

Solar Absorbent - Phosphor Slimes have a stronger glow and can stay in the sun. (Positive)


Defused - Cannot explode (Positive)

Extra Strength - Has a 2x larger explosion radius. (Negative)

Rad Slime:

Uranium-ized - Has a 1.5x bigger Rad Aura radius. (Negative)

Using the DNA Extractor

Once you have your genetic mutation, feed the slime and collect one of its Plorts. Use the DNA Extractor to remove certain traits you would not like being passed from slime to slime. Once the DNA Extractor sees a gene for the first time, it stores it in its memory and gains the ability to later copy that gene artificially. Using a microscopic claw, individual helixes are removed or added to the Plort. To finish up, feed the target slime the genetically edited Plort. It will immediately show the traits given to it!

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