"With the right resources, you can make your own slimes!"
The Slime Fabricator is a building that in which you will need 1 Strange Diamond, 4 Buzz Waxes, 12 Quantum Plorts, and 5 Grass Plorts. It can only be used 3 times, so be careful.


Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3 Resource 4 Time Waited Result
2 Primordy Oil
Primordy Oil
8 Pink Plorts
Pink Plort
4 Slime Fossils
Slime Fossil
N/A 1:15
1 Phone 20 Rad Plorts
Rad Plort
20 Emoji Plorts Slime Fossil
Slime Fossil

Symbol Fossil Plort Use this for the Symbol Slime

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