Slime Experience (Slime EXP for short) Is a hidden stat in companion slimes. doing different things gets different amounts of EXP. When some slimes get enough EXP, they can transform (WIP)

Things that get EXP (Free to add to)

Action Amount of EXP obtained
Getting 150 newbucks from the plort market 1
Feeding 10 normal slimes (largos included) 1
Feeding 5 slimes their favorite food 1
Moving 2 plorts away from nearby largos 1
Destroying a Tarr 3
Scaring away a feral slime from the rancher Depends on the type of largo
Scaring away/destroying another kind of hostile slime Depends on the slime
Gathering 10 wild resources Depends on the resource
Feeding 5 companion slimes 1
Feeding 2 companion slimes their favorite food 1
Harvesting a harvest (lol) of food from a garden 1
Planting a food item into a garden 1
Transporting a rancher (undecided distance) 1
Healing the rancher for 50 HP 1

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