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"That's what slimes are made of"

Slime cells are the smallest part of a living slime. They are composed partially of organells, like an Earth creature's cells, but they are mostly other things. Other living things in the Far, far range are also composed of this kind of cell (not including things brought from Earth). Oddly enough, even microbes are made of these!

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Slime cells are blobs, with a triple exterior membrane, plush bear like organelles called Factorium, used for producing different substances, a single, ball shaped Nucleus which stores the slime's DNAAH and Banana shaped organelles called Energiochondras, which produce energy.

Most multicellular organisms (85%) have specialized cells, like thinker cells or transporter cells.


It depends on the cell type.

Cell Types

There are several known cell types

  • Mover cells - Stretchy cells that let a slime jump and move
  • Transporter cells - Transports things to other locations of a slime's body
  • Thinker cells - Acts as the brain of a slime
  • Digester cells - Digest food
  • Plorter cells - Creates plorts (did you know some plorts contain DNAAH?)
  • Maker cells - Make different substances
  • Hard cells - Builds harder body parts (like horns or teeth)
  • Feel free to add own types!