Slimes are not simply cute creatures that eat, sleep, turn into Tarr, and run away from said Tarr. No, like all animals, slimes are more complex than that. So, here is some information about the behavior of slimes.

Honey/Other Cravings

Over 70% of fruit-eating slimes crave honey in one form or another, with over 90% of honey slimes craving some form of honey. And then there are a few junk food items that are not honey. Honey does not provide any food value for slimes, but they want it anyway -in that respect, honey is kind of like a slime's junk food, but much healthier. Slimes with food cravings need to periodically eat the type of honey they want, or else they get grumpy. Here are the effects of having a craving:

Time Spent After Eating Honey Effect
1 day Elevated happiness
2 days No effect
7 days Slime starts seeking craving food, is willing to temporarily leave their territory to eat that food, would even jump across the slime sea if they needed to
14 days Slime becomes feral when hungry if they are not already a hunter slime, non-honey slimes are willing to eat honey plorts

And that's why you need to keep cravings under control, or at least manage them. It is easy to tell what a slime likes, because it is species related. (See specific species information below)


Slimes don't always get along well with each other -or with the rancher. While they are usually friendly with each other, sometimes, two slimes will get mad at each other. When this happens, all sorts of chaos can happen depending on the species and extent of hostility.

Why Slimes Become Hostile

There are various causes of hostility among slimes:

Cause Reason
Resource Shortage When a slime feels that there is not enough of something for everyone, they may try to fight over the resource. Food shortages are the most common and dangerous cause, but slimes can also have less severe fights over other resources -toys, honey, and assorted other stuff. During a food shortage, once the initial fighting is over, slimes will defend their area and not allow any newcomers in, some going as far as attacking ranchers.
Overcrowding Similar to a food shortage, slimes may try to exile other slimes, and if it gets severe enough, groups of slimes may try to claim an area. These kinds of fights can also happen in an emergency where slimes can't stay in their slime holes, if enough of them are in the same area. Newcomers who have entered a claimed area will get kicked out.
Disease Slimes who have been infected with Tarr Disease will turn hostile and attack other slimes, any slime who gets bitten is infected. In the final stage of Tarr Disease, the slime morphs into a half-tarr, which can actually eat small slimes.
Bullying Some slimes are just plain mean, and like to pick on other slimes for fun. They may attack newcomers, steal things and then destroy them if they don't want them, or pick fights on purpose to have fun.

When a slime does get mad, the severity of the fight may vary, but generally gets worse the longer the fight goes on. Usually, fighting consists only of feral attacks and chasing each other. However, when fighting gets worse, there are stronger attacks out there: Some slimes have special attacks that are variants of their normal abilities.

Ability Normal Effect Hostile Effect Combat Usage
Radiation Slowly radiates the rancher, has no effect on slimes. Radiates and poisons slimes, will quickly knock you out if you are not careful. Rad slimes are immune. The slime will try to get as close to the other slime as possible in addition to physical combat.
Spikes Damages rancher, has no effect on slimes. May cause slimes to bleed and take damage, damages you even more. A variation of normal rolling. A few longer spines are seen on the head that are usually retracted.
Crystals Damages rancher, has no effect on slimes. May cause slimes to bleed or give them a burn, damages you even more. Boom, crystal, and mosaic slimes can't be burned. The slime will create crystals around themselves as a defensive measure if they become injured or close to losing the fight.
Explosions Damages rancher, temporarily makes the slime that exploded dizzy. No effects on other slimes. May give slimes a burn or make them dizzy. Exploded slime will become knocked out. Boom, crystal, and mosaic slimes can't get burned. This is a defensive move that is only ever used as a last resort, when the slime knows they are losing or in danger. The slime will charge at the enemy and explode.
Pollen Has no effect on rancher, causes slimes to sneeze. Works the same way as radiation for ranchers. Poisons slimes, but does not hurt or kill them -at worst, it makes a slime faint. Tangle slimes are immune. The slime will get close to the enemy and release the pollen, using their vines to drag them closer.
Vines Completely harmless, used to grab items. When a slime uses it to slap another slime, it damages the other slime, and any rancher caught in the crossfire. Slimes can use their vines to grab slime closer to them much like a Tarr, and they can also use them to slap another slime.
Glints/Fire Sets on fire. Hurts ranchers, no effect on slimes. Sets on fire, hotter than usual. Deals massive damage to ranchers. All items and plorts within the fire burn. Slimes can catch on fire, and they recieve a burn. Even boom and crystal slimes can get burned (but it takes longer), only mosaic slimes are truly immune. Slimes are aware of the destruction that this causes, thus, they don't do this unless they get really mad. They aim the glints at the enemy.

And that's why it is important to prevent fighting, as if a fight escalates to that level, then you don't want to get caught in the crossfire.