"This is one of the most lonely species of slime probably because they are so scary."


Template:Alt Infobox Skull slimes have a 1% chance of spawning when any slime is thrown in a incinerator or you can naturally find them in The Traveller's Turf.Template:Free-use-slime

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Slimes

Favourite: Grass Slime


Skull slimes are astonishing to scientists back on earth because it is one of the only recorded events of resurrection. Because of that everybody are scared of them all because a school boy spread a rumor that they eat flesh. The only thing they eat is slimes and only slimes.

Rancher Risks

Skull slimes do no damage to ranchers but will escape out of their coral and eat all your slimes if hungry.


The plorts of this slime are as hard as bones (lliterally). They are mainly used for bone replacements and good luck charms.


A white slime with a skull.


Don't keep these with other slimes. They will get eaten.


  • The skull slime is a favourite amongst pirates.
  • If you release skull slimes they will go to the nearest skull sign.
  • The plorts of these slimes if you haven't guessed yet are bones.