Template:Free Food "Crrrrrrrrruuuuunnnncccccchhhhhh! goes the days harvest"Shellberries are a type of fruit. They are favored by Octo Slimes.

Ranching tips

Shellberries can be found on the shores, shallows and rocky outcrops of the Isolated Islands, are notable for their especially crunchy sound when eaten and are especially common in areas where slimes are especially abundant, meaning finding one is easy, getting one is a little difficult due to the crunch-hungry slimes nearby.

Slimepedia Entry


Fruit-veggie-meat? Mreggie? Vruieat? (puns intended)

Favored by

Octo Slime

On the ranch

Deposit this fruit in a pond or garden's depositor in the secret base or the docks and you'll get a semi-aquatic fruit tree that will last for exactly 20 harvests, with 5-10 shellberries each tree and 2 days between harvests.

An interesting fact about this fruit is that it can be fed to veggie and meat eating slimes, but however, this only pacifies non frugivorous slimes after just one fruit due to this food only tasting like meat or vegetables and not giving those benefits of veggies or meat, unless another is fed to said slime, then a plort or two (if a Largo) will be produced.

Slimes of all types prefer this food only as a second to their favorite food, targeting this food due to it's taste and texture. Ranchers also enjoy Steaming, eating it raw, boiling or frying this Fruit due to the tasty and crunchy taste of coconut flesh, scallops, and seaweed all in one combo. Due to this, this fruit activates taste buds in all slimes, making them all love this yummy treat.

The fruit's story of evolution most likely went like this; The common ancestor of this fruit and pogofruit split off their main branch 20 years ago on the range, due to Queen Scallops accidentally being escaping via Rancher's water supplies, then the shellberry's ancestors and the pogofruit's ancestors adapted to coastal and drier inland environments respectively, the shellberry eventually adapted batesian mimicry, evolving to look like mollusks along with hard shells to try and desperately fool or deter unwary slimes to allow the fruit to fall into water, drifting away or taking root in sand or rock elsewhere. Then, about 15 years ago, Octo slimes emerged from the saltwater of the Isolated Islands, and evolved hard mouthparts to eat this fruit, other slimes eventually became able to swallow these kinds of fruit and soon, stacks of slimes began trying to eat the fruit everywhere, causing what you see now.


  • Mature:These fruits look like opened clam shells, with a fleshy seed pod in the center
  • Immature: These fruits look like tiny closed clams, too hard and small to eat or pick


  • ALL slimes love this fruit, even making Tarr stack to try to eat one, however Tarr often die due to the fruit usually being above water
  • This Shellberry is one of the few foods that can be used as universal bait for all slimes