"Baa baa black sheep, have you any soul?"
Template:Alt InfoboxThe Sheep Slime is a common slime found in the Moss Blanket, though may magically spawn in random areas (including the middle of the sky). It is unknown if this is a rare bug, or is simply a joke put in by the creator.

Whenever spawned in an area, it will continuously make a sheep's "baa." Some believe it should become a meme, but it does not find any frequent use.





Pink Banana


Sheep Slimes are slightly erratic frugivores covered in a mass of thick, and slightly slimy, soft wool-like material.

Rancher Risks

The only true risk of the Sheep Slime is the possibility to become annoyed by the constant "BAA" it will sound. This has lead to several deaths to the Sheep Slime.

It also will occasionally attack computers for no apparent reason and take hold of the keyboa- BAAAAA


The plorts of these fluffy slimes is made to fill pillows, used to muffle radios (so the only thing that comes though is "BAAAA") and used as a main ingredient for sleep medicines, treating insomnia, along with a bit of a Seaweed Slime's natural tranquilizer.


These slimes are jet black slimes, covered in a thick blanket of white wool covering their entire body except the bottom and head area. Without wool they are covered in white, stripe-like spots dotting it's top and sides, similar to snowflake obsidian where their wool should be.


  • BAAA
  • may take over the internet
  • Even though Sheep Slime would love to take over the internet, Sheep Slime does not spam.
    • but might accidentally
    • baaa
  • baaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • This slime is both a serious and joke slime. Whether the Joke Slime template should be added is up for debate.
  • Part of a Tag-Team challenge with Squidy882
  • One sheep slime suddenly went missing for unknown reasons, on July 15, 2016.
  • There are somehow now two accounts which are managed by Sheep Slimes.
    • Two different sheep slimes.