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"Who am I quoting? Myself?"
The Shapeshift Slime can be found rarely in the Moss Blanket. Its diet consists of Meat and its favorite is Porkos. They can shapeshift into different things.

Slimepedia Entry


These guys can shift their form easily, blending into an environment or using it to escape/fight something.

Rancher Risks

These guys forms can hurt you, make them hard to catch, or get over corral walls.


The basic use of Shapeshift plorts are for modelling clay and some kids toys that involve modelling clay.


The Shapeshift Slime have a body similar to a pink slime, but tinted red.

What it can shapeshift into

  • Car: It can transfigure into a mini red car to increase its speed and get away from a rancher or tarr, however it cannot move vertically up in this state, and takes a while to turn.
  • Boat: It can transform into a boat to get past a pond quickly, don't throw these guys in the slime sea thinking they can get back out though, since that will kill them.
  • Parachute: When falling, it may mold itself into a parachute, slowing its fall. But wind can effect its decline by moving it while in the sky.
  • Propeller: The most "easy" mutation for it, it simply gains a propeller on its head and flies into the sky. He can escape corrals with this method.
  • Hoverboard: When tamed, the slime can convert into a hoverboard, allowing the player who rides on top very fast travel (twice the speed of sprinting) with no energy consumption.
  • Environment: When sleeping, it transforms into part of the environment to hide from Tarr, this can make it harder to find them during nighttime.
  • Cannon: When Tarr are nearby and these slimes are in a safe spot nearby, they might try to fire harmful blobs of slimes at them in this form. When tamed, it will attack anything trying to harm the rancher.