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Hieroglyph Slime

"Shift the Shape. It's a Bust."
The shape slime is a slime that can turn into many different shapes. He eats veggies and favours Heart Beets.

Info in the Slimepedia

Diet: Chickadoos

Favorite: Biggy Chickadoos


He can turn into a sphere, cube, and a prism! Although he doesn't attack you, he will threaten other slimes. He will turn into a shape that the slime he sees most hates. He is the most aggresive thing on the Virtual System.

Rancher Risks

Of course, these slimes are known TO attack. In Sphere form, they try to burn you. In prism form, they try to blind you. And on cube form, they will try to flatten you! So, be careful when you provoke it!


These plorts were created from a virtual system, of course!


Appearance? APPEARANCE?

It's a sphere, cube, or prism!