Template:Alt Infobox"It's souper mysterious."

The Secret Slime is super mysterious.


Diet: Everything 

Favorite: Unknown

To find out it's diet and it's favorite, figure this riddle out!

1, 2, 4, 8 ,16, 32, 33, 66, 133


Secret Slimes are Mysterious! You may never know what they are. Are they actually Monsters? It could be a

_ _ _ _ _, _ _ _ _ _, and _ _ _ Slime! Figure this Unlock System out!

Rancher Risks

You can't see him fully, you need the night vision googles to see him. Once you try and suck him up, he'll stun you! So mysterious! When you get killed by him, you will forget everything. When provoked, it will rapidly bite you.


The Plortomonics? Really unknown. No one knows what their plorts look like.


An invisible slime, having a ? on his top. Color depends on which plort it eats


None 3X