"Donating food to kelp the hungry!"



This slime consumes water, much like the Oyster Slime and Puddle Slime. It can live in both salty water and normal pond water, and even the slime sea. (Their hardiness to the environment is how they've stayed alive for so long.)


A distant cousin of the Grass Slime, Seaweed Slimes are actually a common delicacy among other slimes, especially to herbivorous ones.

Rancher Risks

These slimes can be dangerous to have out in the open. Despite being able to live outside a pond, it won't produce plorts without water.


The plorts in the Seaweed Slime are used in both the culinary and medical world, in the form of Seaplort oil. (See "Cooking" below.)


These plorts can be made into Seaplort Oil. Seaplort oil is an essential oil derived from seaweed slime plorts that is used as a cooking oil (in small doses), an anesthetic in humans, and can be used to calm down slimes when sprayed on them.

Seaplort Oil

  1. Mash plort into fine grains.
  2. Add to a pond.
  3. Wait to dissolve.

NOTE: Most recommend that a touch of an (edible) acid is added to the mix, such as vinegar or lemon juice. Not only will it add a little "zing!" to the flavor, but it will help the plort dissolve faster (cuts from 2 in-game hour of waiting to 1 hour if a Phase Lemon is added to the pond).

Seaplort Oil is contained in the Water slot.


A grass-green slime with a piece of seaweed on its forehead, resembling a leaf.


  • Keep these guys in Aquariums so that no slime can eat them!
  • You can actually do this with all slimes, including Tarr. With the Tarr, however, the Tarr would probably just multiply, resulting in a sleepy tarr and an awake tarr, instead of just one awake tarr.
  • These slimes can't be discarded in the Slime Sea, but can if


  • Seaweed Slime plorts count as veggies.
  • This slime was made on April Fools, but this isn't an April Fools joke, it's an actual fan-slime.
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