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"Donating food to kelp the hungry!"



This slime absorbs water like any other aquatic vegetable. When it does, it will produce a plort, which is edible.

The plorts do not turn slimes into largos. These plorts will feed a slime, making the slime happier, and has the same effect as a Music Box. If the Wiggle Factor is low enough, the slime will even fall asleep.


A distant cousin of the Grass Slime, Seaweed Slimes are actually a common delicacy of slimes. These slimes happen to contain various nutrients that can act as a replacement vegetable for herbivores.

Rancher Risks

These slimes can be dangerous to have out in the open. Slimes can eat the Seaweed Slime randomly if let out of their cage, since the Seaweed Slime's core feature is it's edibility. The Seaweed Slime also needs water.

Atleast they attract Hippocampus Slimes. Seaweeds are an easy way to befriend them.


The plorts in the Seaweed Slime are used, you guessed it, like seaweed. Not exactly, though. It has two usages. A seaweed slime's plorts can be used as a softer and more flavorful equivalent to Seaweed.

The other use is to smash the plorts into fine (slightly gooey) dust, and use it in a special recipe (See Cooking below.)


These plorts can be used for cooking and medicine. It would fall under Plortonomics, but there's not sub-subcategory.

Seaweed Oil

  1. Mash plort into fine grains
  2. Add water and seasoning, plus a touch of salt.
  3. Mix until grains fully mixed/dissolved into water.


  1. Put into Sun for one day, or right next to an Incinerator for one hour.
  2. Collect "Melting Plort"
  3. Place into a pond and collect "Seaweed Shards" (Small shards containing a chemical to cause drowsiness)
  4. Place shards into a corral WITHOUT Solar Shield upgrade.
  5. Shards will evaporate into a cloud barely floating above the ground. Suck it up with a vacpac or place into a jar.
  6. Shoot inside a corral, or next to a group of slimes. This gas can calm down a corral of jumpy slimes. Attacks occur less often, and all slimes will attempt to escape less often for as long as the gas remains (fades within one day)


A leafy green slime decorated with a piece of leaf-like seaweed. Between Seaweed Slimes, this spot where the seaweed is located is called the "Seaweed Spot". The Seaweed Slime's seaweed spot can vary. The one shown in the picture is on it's forehead. It can be on it's tail, side, cheek, anywhere!


  • Keep these guys in Aquariums (not yet added) so that no slime can eat them!
  • Golden Slimes may pause for a second to eat a Seaweed Plort if it's very close. Golden Slimes will run slower and disappear less quickly once they have eaten the plort. They will fully fall asleep if enough is given.
    • You can actually do this with all slimes, including Tarr. With the Tarr, however, the Tarr would probably just multiply, resulting in a sleepy tarr and an awake tarr, instead of just one awake tarr.
  • These guys are moving bait for the Hippocampus.


  • This slime is unintentionally related to some of ScribbleMasterer's pages.
    • The Grass Slime is one of it's cousins, both being a grass, the grass slime being more literal.
    • The Aqua Slime, as they're both aquatic and used in sushi.
    • The Kuycumber, as it is also an aquatic veggie.
  • Seaweed Slime plorts count as veggies.
  • This slime was made on April Fools, but this isn't an April Fools joke, it's an actual fan-slime.
  • This is the 100th page on the Wiki! Woo!


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