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Hieroglyph Slime


"This slime is a radioactive core of happiness!" -Slimepedia

An upgraded version of the SeanDaBot Slime!

Slimeology : SeanDaBot Slimes are found in the catacombs of The Slime Mountain, formerly found in the molten lava puddles.

Risks? : Yes, shocks you when angry or feral

Plortonomics : Square plorts, with red spots and blotches. Used for toy robots for the little baby slimes!

Appearance : Little, white blobs with robotic eye sensors, and a little Wi-Fi tower!

Tips : Splash water at it when it go feral, so it returns to its normal state. Always feed it at noon, so it doesn't get angry!


NOTE : These bits of info are just distractions to move the infobox off the screen! Did you know that cats, when rubbing their heads on humans, it means that they love you! Dogs sniff other dogs butts to say "Hello!". Now lets leave a gap in here

ACTUAL NOTE : This slime is NOT free to use! Ask permission to use the Normal, and Boss version of this slime!

Boss Version


SeanDaBoss is the hard to find, secret boss. He is not important, and can be beaten at anytime EXCEPT at the end.

Slimeology : Found in the large lava puddle in The Slime Mountain, SeanDaBoss only wakes if you turn the puddle into obsidian by splashing it with water. DONT come in contact with SeanDaBoss, otherwise he WILL shock you.

Appearance : The same, except a large blob, with holes in its body, and fangs.

Boss Attacks

These are ORDERED as shown.

Feral Cannon : Launches feral boom-pink slimes at the player. They can be launched at the nearest lava puddle to get rid of them.

Lava Wave : You get 5 seconds to get to high ground, then a lava wave comes through.

[INSTA-KILL ATTACK] Energy Beam : A very bright, blinding beam of energy comes through. If hit by it with 30% health or less, its an insta-kill!

[HEAL ATTACK] Heavenly Ray : A ray of light beams through the clouds. When standing in it, it gives you DETERMINATION! Oh, and health. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Break Time : A little breather to get prepared for stage 2! Lasts for 30 seconds.


Lava Rise : You get 5 seconds to get to high ground, then a pool of lava rises. Lasts for 10 seconds when fully risen.

Bomb Cannon : A cannon comes out of the ground, then shoots 5 bombs at you!

[INSTA-KILL ATTACK] Meteor Shower : Meteors come crashing down to The Slime Mountain, releasing tarr slimes to attack you! If hit by a meteor with less than 50% health, its an insta-kill! Lasts for 20 seconds.

[HEAL ATTACK] Grass Shower : Grass Slimes come raining down from the sky, giving you roses to heal you! Gives you 10% defense, and lasts for 10 seconds.

Break Time : A little breather to get prepared for the finale! Lasts for 20 seconds.


[STRONG ATTACK] Fire Bonanza : Fire comes raining down from the sky! Can deal up to 20% health! Lasts for 10 seconds, since its pretty tiring to SeanDaBoss.

[STRONG ATTACK] Robot Rain : Feral SeanDaBot Slimes come raining down, trying to shock you! Lasts for 5 seconds, since its pretty tiring to SeanDaBoss.

[INSTA-KILL? STRONG? ATTACK] Attack : Rays of light targets the player. When hit, ( and it will always hit! ) leaves the player to 0%, then 0.0% then 0.00% then finally 0.000%. The final attack of SeanDaBoss.


Tired, SeanDaBoss collapses to the ground.

" *Heavy Breathing* You... you couldn't have beaten me. I am stronger than all those other bosses. How could you have beaten me? I am the greatest slime, this world has ever seen! *SeanDaBoss turns into an ordinary SeanDaBot Slime* I just wish... I just wish I had someone to care for me. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just wanted to talk to you after my slumber. But then, you solidify my puddle, and, that was the last straw to me. Well, my-y-y-y systems are dead, thanks to you. I will be going." SeanDaBoss vanishes, and the boss ends, returning the player to the Ranch.



Puzzled, SeanDaBoss jumps to the ground.

"Why do you wish not to fight? Isn't this why you solidified my puddle? To fight me? Or was it to ask questions about this world? Well that doesn't matter! Your-r-r-r-r. What-t-t-t happen-n-n-ned to my vo-o-o-oice? Your deci-i-i-ion to not fig-g-g-ght has caused me no-o-o-o-ot to fight.You, if you really dont want to fight, *SeanDaBoss turns into a normal SeanDaBot Slime* tell me by taking me to your ranch. If you want to settle this with a fight, turn away." You dont get a choice, you hold the slime by hand ( not by vac-pack ) and take him to the ranch, protected away from the other slimes. "T-thanks. I hated the smell of that mountain. It was so smoggy. Now we can be friends forever!"

Attacking SeanDaBoss

SeanDaBoss has 200% health. You can attack by shooting water at SeanDaBoss, which takes -10% health from him. You can also use his feral boom-pink largos to damage him, which takes -20% health from him. If not beaten on the last attack, you get a chance to hit him with water, which, instead of 10% health, takes the remainder of his health from him.


Before the fight, the land shifts around the player. Behind the player, a platform with a ramp to it comes up from the ground, and under SeanDaBoss, an inaccessible height tall enough to hit him rises from the ground. Water puddles, the water source for the player, form after the rain, located on the high ground. These are the only thing that occurs before the fight ever happens.


Credit to AdhesiveWombat.