"These little robot slimes are so white they almost blind you!" ---Slimepedia

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Hieroglyph Slime




SeanDaBot Slimes eat fruit, and their favorite food are nuts.


SeanDaBot Slimes are rarely made when you throw a resource at a golden slime. It's unknown how this happens, but it happens.

Rancher Risks

These slimes don't cause any trouble to the player.


The plort of these slimes are white with red and dark red spots on it.


They have a body of a rectangular slime. There's also a circle on the corner of its head with stripes on it.


  • Make sure to feed these slimes fruit 3 times a day. Basically at times in the in-game morning, noon, and afternoon, otherwise these slimes will most likely disappear.



The SeanDaBot Slime, in all of its glory.

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