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Hieroglyph Slime

"See? Slime!"

The Sea Slime is found within the Slime Sea, and somehow isn't absorbed into it like other slimes are. This slime eats fruit, but it's favorite is the fruit of the aquatic variety.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Fruit

Favourite: Ocean Apple


The Sea Slime seems to be made of different stuff than the other slimes, or it has some other method of staying in the Slime Sea without dispersing. This aquatic slime fills every cell in it's body with air to float upwards, and lets go of all of that air to sink downward. On the surface, this slime will quickly disintegrate into a slimy liquid that drifts downhill and uphill with a mind of it's own until it reaches the sea. Sometimes it will even absorb itself into the dirt to return to the sea.

Rancher Risks

There's not much that this slime could do to you, it mostly just floats around and minds his own business.


The plorts of this slime are generally wanted for study of slimephysics, and they don't have many industrial uses. However, the extract of this plort can be used to make a very popular mineral drink.


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