Screamer Slime
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Ancient Ruins




Phase Lemon

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No, but quite defensive

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As long as you don't steal it, it's fine

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"Better bring some earplugs!"

Screamer slimes are rare, shy slimes that will scream in the presence of danger. They stay seperated during the day, but huddle up at night.

Info in the Slimepedia

Diet = Fruit

Favorite = Phase Lemon


These slimes can literally scream away danger, as their screams knock back everything around them. They love fruit juice, as it soothes their sore throats. Phase Lemons are their favorite, but they also eat other fruit.

Rancher Risks

They scream constantly at night, and when alone. A music box will sooth their screams, and actually put them to sleep. Or you could just put other Screamer Slimes in there, and they'll snuggle up to each other, creating a slime pile. It's quite cute, to be honest.


Screamer plorts are used in holophones, the Range Exchange machine, and the Plort Market, as their plorts can carry anything quite a distance, even thru space. Otherwise, they have no other use.


Screamer Slimes are spring green in hue, with scared eyes and a sealed mouth. When it screams, it closes its eyes, and opens its mouth. A small white bioluminescent lure hangs from its forehead.


  • Keep Screamer Slimes together, so they won't scream thru the night.
  • Or just purchase the Music Box upgrade for the Corral.


Photos of the slime.


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