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This slime originates from Boston, back on earth, rather than the ranch itself. Each finds or makes its own hat and earpiece, neither of which serve an actual purpose. Rainbows make it cry.

It seems to be able to run at very fast speeds. Scientists would be able to analyze this speed if it weren't for... its speed. Scientists predict however the speed is caused by rapid displacements of air above the slime to keep traction. How it does this while wearing a hat is unknown, but it does also explain its double jump.

These slimes, for whatever reason, are continuously hired as mercenaries back on earth. They do not do well.

Slime ranchers have yet to deduce their exact favorite food, however, it is fairly well known they like chocolate. They even say it sometimes.

The scout slime used to be a human. However one day it had an injury and had to go to the hospital. When it woke up, its skeleton was missing, and the doctor was never heard from again!

Rancher Risks



A scout slime's plorts are a vital ingredient in flamethrower fuel, minigun lubricant, sandvich creation, and Bonk! Atomic Punch.

Some scout plorts are used in religious rituals, specifically the rituals of a small religion, which worships a unified lord by the name of gabe newel, which is commonly shortened to gaben. However, most of these religious followers are gamers who do not value material possessions, as well a flash disk containing a team fortress 2 account with at least one unusual item usually is a good substitute for a plort.


Scout slimes can appear roaming around the ranch at fast speeds. Rarely can a player actually see one spawn though.



  • Get dash boots and energy upgrades, this will help you catch scout slimes.
  • Do not cause too much havoc, this can cause a scout slime to run away.
  • Use your vacpack when near one, so that it does not think you are a spy.
  • Try to use your jetpack to cut corners when on the chase.
  • Make sure the scout slime briefly sees your vacpack. It will mistake it for a kritzkreig.
  • Note that if a scout slime triple jumps, this means it has the atomizer. The atomizer allows it to triple jump at a 10 health cost, so it will probably be weaker.
  • Avoid rock slimes when trying to move towards a scout slime, it may think you are a spy since you walk among the blu team.


Scout Rancher00:02

Scout Rancher

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