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"This bird is the disowned relative of the phoenix.."
Scorched Hen's are the Hen Hen you can find in the Glass Desert.

Ranching Tips

Scorched Hens can be found hiding close to the ground in the Glass Desert, out of sight of the Dragon and Phoenix Slimes that prey on them. They seem smarter than other Hen Hens.

Slimepedia Entry



Favoured By

Dragon Slime and Phoenix Slime

On the Ranch

Scorched Hens breed in the same way as any other, with the aid of a Roostro in a Coop on the Ranch.

Unlike the other variants, these hens are smarter, and run at the sight of danger, often staying hidden. This means, although hard to find, when you find them you find a great amount.


  • These Hens are possibly where the legend of the phoenix comes from, along with the Phoenix Slime.
  • These Hens also will flee from a rancher, and tar/killers, along with normal slimes.
  • Due to the likeness to the Phoenix Slime, it can be considered that the slime is a cannibal of sorts.


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