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Hieroglyph Slime

"The slime's slippery scaly surface is so slippery that it slides through the sea."

The Scaled Slime is found within the Slime Sea, and isn't absorbed into it due to it's scaly surface, that protects the slime underneath. This slime eats meat, but it's favorite is fish. This slime is very fast, and retreats from ranchers at any sign of them. They also cannot survive outside of water.

Slimepedia Entry

Diet: Meat

Favourite: Ghoti Fish


This slime is rather predatory, preferring to hunt out fish and devour them. While they have never been observed doing the same thing to ranchers, it is not doubted that they could. It is the only slime, with the possible exception of the Tarr, that has teeth.

Rancher Risks

As mentioned above, it has a very sharp mouthful of teeth, which probably could be used to give much pain to a human individual.


This slime's plorts are partly made up of the scaly substance on the slime itself. These scales are very sought after, while the plort itself is generally discarded.


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