"Sapphires are just rubys without chromium, did you know that? I didnt" 

​Note: I did NOT create the dragon or starlight slime, somebody else did (i dont remember their name), not me!

Slimepedia Entry

Slimeology: ​Sapphire Slimes are one of the rarest slimes in the Glass Desert, it isnt as rare as the Dragon Slime though. The Sapphire slime has some things in common with both the Dragon and the Starlight Slime. Like the Dragon Slime, the Sapphire Slime has a cat-like curiosity and it also hunts, and like the Starlight Slime, the Sapphire Slime can fly without wings. Its a bit hard to see in water since its blue, if one were to look closely, they might see its long and sparkly tail.

Rancher Risks: ​There really isnt much to worry about with this slime, its cute, squishy and nice. However, when its not in a corral, it makes a sound that is very simaler to the sound the gold slime makes, this often makes ranchers think a gold slime is nearby, this makes rancher start to look around for it, and sometimes, when looking, they dont watch where they are going, if a rancher doesnt have a jetpack, they will most likely fall into the slime sea.

​Plortonomics: ​A Sapphire Slimes plorts are cherished by the rich, like the gold slimes plorts, they are used to make jewlery and unlike he gold slime, they are also used to make beautiful, glossy and sparkly silk that is perfect for dresses.


  • Like i said in the Slimology, they do hunt like the Dragon Slime does, when hunting, you will be able to see it carrying at least 4​ Crystal Hens in its tail, then it will go to a high ledge to feast, it does this to keep other slimes away from the hens it caught, it will fight with Dragon Slimes if a Dragon Slime lands on the same ledge its on, the two slimes will get along if the ledge with big enough for both of the slimes, if a slime gets on the ledge its on and tries to eat the hens it caught, the Sapphire Slime will try to push the slime off, it will help defend the Dragon Slimes catch as well if they are on the same ledge (and if they are getting along)


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