"Its like a pretty slime but prettier"


The Sakura Slime is well known for its beauty and grace, it gracefully jumps across the rocks in rivers and flies through the forest with its wings, its pink, gold, white and red-ish colors blend in with its enviroment making it hard to see, many pepole argue about what it looks most like, some say it looks more like a dragon, other say a cat, we will never really be sure. Some ranchers say that on Blossom Moons, a strange kind of Sakura Slime appears, lots of pepole believe that they are just messing around.

​Rancher Risks

The biggest risk isnt in the slime itself, the biggest risk is in their plorts, Sakura Plorts have the irrisistable smell of cherry blossom trees, slimes will attack a rancher for these Sakura Plorts, so be careful, especially if you have any Rock or Crystal Slimes!


Sakura Plorts have the irrisistable smell of cherry blossom trees, so its obvious they will be used for scented candles, but suprisingly, they are also used as a (highly recommened) ingredient for Sakuramochis.

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