The site of a mining project that quickly became forgotten.
The Ruby Quarry is a sub-area of the indigo quarry that is the best place to find ruby slimes, and the only place you can find their favorite food, Corundelions. It is reached by hopping on some islands in the slime sea from Ash Isle.



The Ruby Quarry is an area that was forgotten, despite being filled with precious rubies. When the Indigo Quarry mining project was abandoned, this island had only just been discovered and this part of the quarry only just built, and nobody made any mention of the rubies. Later, a famous scientist created a small ranch here before abandoning it, studying the effects of various flora on slimes. Now, while it still has an "Ash Isle" aesthetic, the island is a beautiful field of red and yellow dandelions which slimes love to frolic in. Large ruby crystals dot the area, replacing the minerals in other parts of the indigo quarry.




The Slime Sea, Ash Isle



  • Pink Slime
  • Phosphor Slime
  • Crystal Slime
  • Ruby Slime
  • Hunter Slime
  • Honey Slime
  • Tabby Slime
  • Puddle Slime
  • Lucky Slime
  • Gold Slime
  • The Tarr


  • Carrot
  • Odd Onion
  • Corundelion
  • Pogofruit
  • Hen Hen
  • Stony Hen
  • Roostro
  • Chickadoo
  • Stony Chickadoo


Broken Greenhouse

This place is overgrown with fungus and moss blanket flowers. Hunter and honey slimes live here, and nowhere else.

Ruby Cavern

An unfinished part of the quarry that is filled with crystal and phosphor slimes. There are especially large crystals, and fireflowers cover the ground.

The Beach

Simply an overgrown beach area with more red and yellow flowers. This is where the puddle slimes are.

Hobson Twillagers' Notes

At the entrance:


I never thought that such a place could be so beautiful, with all of these dandelions, especially the red ones. I just wish they didn't make me sneeze so much.


In the broken greenhouse:

A Theory

When I saw hunter slimes in the indigo quarry in the place with the glowing mushrooms, then my theory was proven correct -and the scientist who tested that theory discovered the same thing. There must be the same explanation for the honey slimes here, right?


In the cave:


Looking at these wonderously pretty rubies, it seems absurd that the miners from the indigo quarry project completely forgot about them -and that's fine with me. Nature is one of those under appreciated things that people seem to forget about.


On the beach:


Those ruby slimes sure are strange. They're one of the most beautiful slimes I've ever seen, but one moon phase off and they're shooting moonbeams out of their tail..? I never understood this whole "moonlight energy" thing, but I can tell you that these slimes are dangerous.

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