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Hieroglyph Slime
"Aww snap! Another extreme Slime boss?!"

Rocko is a legenedary slime, said to blast anything too outer space. Once you enter his floating arena, he'll suddenly jump, and a crowd of Slimes (which has all of them except the ones you didn't discover) cheer for Rocko. The a HP bar will come out, the HP bar says "Rocket Blast" hinting Rocko's real name. It has 1000 HP.


Attack What it does
Rocket Roll! Rocko starts spinning, then starts rolling. After it's charged, it'll lunge toward you. Try and make it hit Pineapple, who just spins. He'll be stunned, meaning you could try and vac up his hidden tail. Then, try to launch him out of the arena.
Charge! Rocko charges at you, then starts rolling.
Omega Jump! Rocko does a mega jump, and Feral Boom-Rock largos come in. You have to beat them all, else they will be send flying, and explode.
Fire Works! Rocko summons a Magma Suit, running around, setting the floor on fire.
A Bundle of Slimes! Rocko summons random feral slimes to attack you. 

Phase 2

After you lower his HP to 500, he will reveal his true form, a Rock - Rocket Largo Dog. This hints that the tail was their,

Phase 2 Attacks

Attack What it Does
Bomb Appetit! Rocko inhales all the bombs that were thrown, barfing a fire beam.
Bombs Away! Rocko creates a few bombs, used to attack him.
Roll Pounce! Rocko Jumps, and then rolls into a ball. He then lunges toward you.
Lunge! Same as Charge!, but Rocko is more quicker. His rolls are fiery, and he can inflict bleeding while rolling.


After you defeat him, he will start sputtering. And then he will try to inhale bombs, but he inhales too much, and explodes, unlocking the gate.

You also get to fight the Frost Slime god at Mountain of Hope.


  • This is the First boss Fight Mr. Yokai made!
  • Dancey was added, since Mr. Yokai's best friend is Dancey.

Easter Eggs

  • When Rocko barks loud after you lowered his HP to 500, someone pops out, taking a photo of him.
    • That's Tark, he's bad at holding cameras. You'll see him after you beat all Tarr-like bosses. And this boss.
  • In the Tabby Crowd, their's an orange tabby.
    • That's Dancey. She might be following you, but you'll encounter her after you beat Rocko, Tabby King, and Wait WAHT.
  • While Rocko is defeated, you'll see a unknown slime.
    • You've probably saw Slime Seed. He'll tell you he was watching you when you encounter him.
  • While in the Air, their's a small dot.
    • That's what you need to click to encounter the Secret Boss: L.A.R.G.O.
  • If you look in the air, you'll spot something else.
    • It's... another dot to fight L.A.R.G.O.
  • Looking below, you can see a ._. face.
    • Must be Cryaotic's Slime.
  • If you fall off the arena, their's 3 Easter eggs.
    • The first one is a Weird Sticker... Vac it up, and survive the fight, and you'll have access to Explosion Refinery.
    • Second one is another Weird Sticker... Do the same thing as above, and you'll unlock Neighborhood 1325 (aka Slimerhood).
    • Third one is... 2 gods which hint the weird stickers... The first one is Boomer, the Boom God, found at Explosion Refinery. Second one's Catty, found at Neighborhood 1235.


A guard, then a dog.