The rock boss is found after unlocking the gate to the Moss Blanket. Once you get close to the pit, first, you see a cut scene start. You see a bunch of normal rock slimes pop out. You see each of the 100 have a ! over their head after 2 seconds when they all show up. Then, after 3 seconds, the !'s fade away and all the rock slimes start stacking on each other to make a humanoid shaped monster. There are rock slimes for the legs, arms, torso, and head. The head has a similar shape to the Tarrs body. Then, you here an evil laugh. After that, the cut scene ends, and some epic music plays. A wall closes behind you, so it is best to be prepared first.

You need to bring water to the fight. At the top of the screen, a blue healthbar with the Words "Rock Boss" above it. The boss has 30 HP (each water also does only 1 damage. He does not regenerate HP).


When fighting, he has skills. They are listed below:

Rock Slime Spawn

The boss throws a feral BASIC rock slime out of it's arm that will attack you. You can't suck it up nor can you feed it, so that leaves you with throwing it to sea. A maximum of 20 of these can be out at once. The attack shows face when at 50% of HP.

Spike Come-out-of-the-ground

The boss raises it's arms up. Dust comes out of a part of the ground. The dust will have spikes that deal 20 damage will come out of the ground there after 3 seconds. Then, after 5 seconds, they descend back into the ground. Don't touch them when they are up.


The boss stomps on the ground and does 40 damage of AOE.


After defeating the boss, a cut scene appears. You see the four limbs of the rock boss fall off. Then, you see some explosions. While the parts explode, the boss moves it's head to look at the explosions. After 8 seconds, it looks forwards with a scared face. 2 seconds later, ALL of the parts of the boss will explode into a bunch of rock slimes. While 90% of them fly away to off screen, the other 10% is still there, but before the cut scene ends, you see them all go back into the ground so that you can't capture them. However, once the cut scene ends, you see 20 crates rain from the sky. There is always at least 1 crate with a gold slime in it, so consider bringing some stuff to shoot the golden slime(s) with after you beat the boss.


  • After you beat him, you won't have to fight him again, unless you open a new save
  • If you die in battle, the boss will dissapear, but will come again once you try entering the Moss Blanket again
  • The only thing he is made of is rock slimes
  • Jetpacks are defective in the fight, so you can't escape.
  • Defeating him results in an achievement: "Rock Buster."
  • Possibly the first boss on the Wikia.